Belgium – Is it ever acceptable?

I’m in Brussels, Belgium. Technically I’m working though I’m actually writing this article so whatever, bitch. Brussels is famous for Chocolate, Beer, a statue of a small boy pissing, and being the home of virtually no famous people, things or events throughout all of history.

The EU is based here… NATO are based here… Herge was based here and he’s famous for a little blonde cunt with a white dog and a stupid name wandering through situations sticking his fucking oar in where it wasn’t wanted and calling black folks “sambo”. Seriously, it was a more innocent time, of course. Rife with the cold war and lynchings, sexual predators and just seriously overt racism. Gotta love the 60’s and 70’s.

We’re fortunate to be in a more civilised time where every youth has an asbo and an attitude and every judge is a closet paedophile drinking port and blowing their wad on pornograpy.

Or, in Belgium, pornography and chocolate.

Leaving out that the most popular beer is readily available throughout Europe and has been know to induce violence against every other motherfucker, is there anything in Belgium to make it worthwhile?

Well yes, as it happens there is. It’s not fucking France.

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